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Especially for family-owned enterprises the inheritance tax can be existence-threatening. Entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals should prepare measures for tax-efficient succession planning sufficiently early. An important aspect of the succession planning is the accurate analysis of the recent and current family and tax facts as well as the international asset allocation considering the different asset classes.

TAXGATE services show the possibilities to reduce the personal inheritance tax burden for instance through anticipated succession, re-allocation of assets to utilize certain privileges of the inheritance tax law or by setting-up trusts or foundations and using life insurances. Moreover our advisers have long-term experience in considering international aspects including asset protection and relocation strategies.

Our advisors are experienced in considering international aspects, as well. Considering inheritance and gift tax, moving abroad can be an attracitve solution, but can cause immense expatriation taxation without actually realising a profit. This demands an accurate preparation and implementation of each step.


The complex and numerous investment alternatives in capital and other asset classes demands a complete and clearly arranged registration of all investments. TAXGATE services in this area provide a consistent estate controlling for all investments including a realtime analysis of all assets with respect to effecitive costs, profits and taxes. On that basis, we can offer you a proposal for strucutring the estate and draft an investing plan for e. g. building an estate from the regular income or restructuring the current assets tax-efficiently or with respect to profit or risk allocation.

TAXGATE investment consulting furthermore offers the evaluation of investment strategies, especially in building a tax-optimized security portfolio. We cooperate with wealth managers in reducing withholding taxes in order to improve the performance regarding cost and taxes.

Track Record

TAXGATE – Unsere Erfahrung

Unsere fundierte und langjährige Erfahrung haben wir bei zahlreichen nationalen und internationalen Transaktionen erworben. In jüngerer Vergangenheit haben wir unsere Mandanten beispielsweise bei folgenden, zumeist grenzüberschreitenden Projekten begleitet:


  • Immobiliengesellschaft bei der Übertragung von Anteilen und Immobilien auf die nächste Generation
  • Mittelständisches Unternehmen bei der Errichtung einer Stiftung
  • Internationale Familie mit deutscher Immobilie bei der Nachfolgeplanung
  • Erbengemeinschaft bei Auseinandersetzung mit großem Immobilienportfolio
  • Güterstandsschaukel zur Bereinigung von Vorausschenkungen

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