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Dr. Frank Thiede

Tax advisor



Taxation of properties

Estate planning

International tax law

Structuring of investments and financing


Dr. Frank Thiede is in charge of consulting private and institutional investors since more than 25 years.
Moreover he is experienced in handling conflicts with German tax authorities – in case of tax audits as well as in tax fraud investigations, especially in the context of capital investments and cross-border structures.
After his studies of economics and taxation in Stuttgart he received his PhD with an analysis of the German Corporate Income Tax Law regarding outbound investments of domestic corporations.

Frank Thiede gained his practical knowledge with international firms and several stays abroad in the US, UK, Austria and Switzerland. Please find below a selection of recent publications from Frank Thiede:


  • Elser/Thiede, The draft bill for a reform of the German Investment Tax Act – Analysis of the effects for private and institutional investors, in: NWB Erben + Vermögen, issue 02/2016
  • Elser / Thiede, The Federal Ministry of Finance presents the reform of the German Investment Tax Act, Erben + Vermögen, issue 01/2016
  • Stiegler / Thiede, Gewinne aus der Veräußerung von XETRA-Gold Inhaberschuldverschreibungen – Anmerkung zu den BFH-Urteilen vom 12.05.2015 – VIII R 35/14 und VIII R 4/15, Erben + Vermögen 10/2015
  • Betz / Thiede, Der Strafzuschlag nach § 398a AO bei Selbstanzeigen – Verschärfung, Anwendungsfragen und Rechtsmittel, Erben + Vermögen 6/2015
  • Elser / Thiede, BMF eröffnet Möglichkeit zur Korrektur der Strafbesteuerung bei Fondsinvestments – Reaktion auf EuGH (Rs. C-326/12) – Anleger sollten Möglichkeiten der Steuerreduzierung prüfen