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Dr. Tobias Stiegler

Tax advisor



Inheritance tax planning

Tax on capital investments


Taxation of funds


Double-tax agreements (DTAs)



Tobias Stiegler assists corporate and institutional investors in structuring their transactions and in coordinating pre- and post-closing measures.

In addition, he supports his clients to comply with tax filing obligations including further tax compliance issues and to efficiently coordinate their investments. His activities focus on cross-border transactions. For this reason, he works together with international financial, legal and M&A advisers. With regard to this field of activities he also comments current developments in tax law and contentious tax questions. Please find below a selection of recent publications from Tobias Stiegler, which have partially been published in English language:


  • Stiegler, Research Regarding The Effects of Cross-Border Corporate Investments on Business Processes Efficiency, Dissertation 2018, public defense and assessed by a panel of experts as at September 18, 2018 at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, a partner university of Hohenheim in the Bachelor’s and Master’s
  • Stiegler et. al., Management Participation Programmes for German Target Companies—Current Developments of Fiscal Treatment in Germany, in: Journal of EU Research in Business, Volume 2018, DOI: 10.5171/2018.582169
  • Stiegler et. al., Investment Trend in Digital Currencies – The Current State of Fiscal Treatment of Bitcoin Investments in Germany, in: Proceedings of 4th BASIQ Conference at Uni Heidelberg
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