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TAXGATE is a tax firm specialized in Transaction Tax, Investment Structuring and Tax Compliance – your access to tax-efficient solutions.
In the area of Transaction Tax and in International Tax Law you can rely on an experienced team dedicated to provide innovative and sustainable structuring solutions, including assistance in the course of the implementation of your transactions.

TAXGATE has long-term expertise in the field of tax planning for investment structures. If you intend to set-up a fund, invest in renewables abroad, buy/sell real estate or invest in a portfolio of securities – TAXGATE supports you with the review and accomplishment of such projects as well as in the course of estate and inheritance planning considerations.

In case of a tax dispute we protect tax positions and defend our clients against unjustified subsequent tax payments. Therefore, a forward-looking Tax Compliance as part of the risk management still has an increasing importance.

TAXGATE offers fast and efficient assistance for the complete tax administration, e.g. setting-up an accounting system, preparing financial statements or filing of tax returns. Complex tax declarations, including inheritance tax returns, with cross-border aspects are part are of our specialization.

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